And the Oscars go to.... 'The King's Speech'

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Comment 25 FEBRUARY 2011

Melissa Leo might have taken home the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in The Fighter, but readers have tipped Helena Bonham Carter to steal the prize at the Oscars.




With the prestigious ceremony only two days away, The King's Speech has emerged triumphant in four out of our five votes.

For our readers there seems to be little doubt over who deserves the Best Actor award. Colin Firth had clearly impressed in the role of the royal, who overcomes a crippling speech defect to provide wartime leadership.

He received 480 votes - streets ahead of runner-up Jeff Bridges, who took 80 votes.

The King's Speech has also been chosen by our readers in the Best Film category. Meanwhile, Geoffrey Rush, who plays the speech therapist,  is tipped to win Best Supporting Actor.

Natalie Portman's role in Black Swan is also clearly popular with our readers as she received 302 votes to win Best Actress, emerging ahead of Michelle Williams with 67 votes for her part in Blue Valentine.




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