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Comment 30 JANUARY 2012

Will George and Brad's 'bromance' be affected by Oscar battle?

Best buddies Brad Pitt and George Clooney are going head to head on Oscar night in the best actor category.

And many will be looking to see if the rivalry produces any cracks in their famous 'bromance'.

Brad – nominated for his part in baseball movie Moneyball – is not worried the race for the trophy will sour things between them, though.



When asked if he was nervous about competing against his good pal, he answered: "No, no, no. George is my friend."

Up until now it has looked like Mr Clooney was the front-runner for the best actor prize for his role as a wronged husband in The Descendants, after picking up a Golden Globe.

But after Jean Dujardin pipped George in the SAG awards, the playing field seems level for the Academy's big night.

George and Brad go way back, having been in three Ocean's films together, along with the Coen brothers' Burn After Reading and George's directorial piece Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.



George and Brad's bromance in quotes

  • George, after walking on stage at the Globes with Brad's cane  - "I have to give it back to him or he can't make it to the bar otherwise."

  • Brad's response: - "We're always having a laugh at each other's expense."

  • George's introduction for Brad's film Moneyball at the Golden Globes:  -  "It's a movie about turning conventional wisdom on its head. And it's nominated for four Golden Globes, including ones for Jonah Hill and some up-and-comer named Brad Pitt." 

  • Brad on squaring up to George on Oscars night: - "It's more fun to have a friend there, and no one does it better than George. I say give him all the trophies, and when you run out of trophies, make some new ones and give him those, too!"

  • George on the master prank he's cooking up for Brad: - "I have done some horrible things to people. Truly, truly horrible. I owe him, so I'm getting him. I'm working on one right now for Brad Pitt. It might end his career. I've been working on it for two years. I'm not going to tell you what it is, but just know, I got it."

  • Brad jokes about rumours George is gay: - "Angie and I will not be getting married until George and his partner can legally do so."

  • George on using Brad as a paparazzi decoy: - "We were at the airport in Italy. So I walk off the plane, and it's 'Hey, Giorgio!' And I go, 'Look! Brad Pitt!' and they're gone."

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