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Comment 03 FEBRUARY 2012

Will Bridesmaids play Scorsese drinking game?

The stellar line up of presenters for this years Oscars ceremony has been announced – and it includes certain names sure to inject their unique sense of fun into a night of high Hollywood glamour.

The bubbly cast of hit film Bridesmaids will take to the stage to presents as a team at the prestigious event.



The six actresses – Rose Byrne, Ellie Kemper, Melissa McCarthy, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig – already brought the house down at the Screen Actors Guild Awards when they treated the audience to a drinking game from the stage.

"You have to take a drink every time - and I mean every time - you hear the word Scorsese" Maya instructed the room full of chuckling actors before gulping down her beer.

Their game refers to the fact that legendary director Martin Scorsese's film Hugo is nominated for eleven Academy Awards, and taking a tipple every time his name is mentioned could make for a rather raucous evening.

While their repertoire at the Oscars will have to be slightly more subdued, the ladies will no doubt brighten up the night.

And if Melissa picks up a gong for her supporting role, a lively celebration will most definitely be on the cards.

Other top Hollywood names announced to present include Halle Berry, Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise.

Jennifer Lopez
will also take to the stage, and all eyes will be on the Latina bombshell to see if her new beau, Casper Smart, will accompany her to the event.

Overseeing the entire operation is Billy Crystal, who will be host on the night.



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