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Comment 07 FEBRUARY 2012

Is George and Brad's 'bromance' over?

With Brad Pitt and George Clooney scrapping for the honours at this year's Oscars, most people expected a lot of banter at the pre-awards lunch.

And they weren't disappointed. Moneyball star Brad started by telling the press the lunch date was a great way to make friends.

"Yeah, I met this guy named... Jorge Clooney," he quipped. "A nice guy. Very personable." 




George, who joked he'd got there early for the "free booze", got his own back on his best friend by pretending their 'bromance' is over.  

Instead, he adopted The Artist sensation Jean Dujardin as his side kick for the day. The French newcomer was seen playfully resting his head on the movie veteran's shoulder.

Afterwards, the Descendants star explained why he's enjoying the Oscars race so much.

 "A lot of people think we all hang out together all the time and drink champagne," he said. "The truth is I hadn't seen Brad in about a year. So it's fun to catch up, and it's fun to see people I like and haven't seen in a long time."

Someone who has spent a lot of time with Brad recently, however, is his Moneyball co-star and first time nominee, Jonah Hill.

And the young actor revealed that Hollywood's golden boy is quite the joker, comparing his carefully-executed his mischief to a chess master.

"I have been a victim of this gentleman's pranks," he admitted "I call him the Bobby Fischer of pranks because you try to prank him and he's immediately three moves ahead of you, playing a chess game."

Among the ladies livening up the proceedings were Viola Davis, who looked radiant in a fuchsia dress and Meryl Streep, seen chatting cosily with her young rival Rooney Mara.

In quotes: Geoge and Brad's 'bromance'


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