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Comment 23 FEBRUARY 2012

Kelly Osbourne to wear her own red carpet creation

Apparently, the new trend in Tinseltown is to design your own awards ceremony dress.

Rihanna took the lead at the Grammys with her self-created Armani gown, and now Kelly Osbourne is helping to fashion her own Oscars frock.

While the 27-year-old won’t disclose the designer she is working with, she has hinted that it will be a colourful outfit.



"The fun of getting dressed up for an award show is almost getting lost," she said. "And I think for me, that novelty will never wear off. I love it.

“With the Oscars, I just hope that it’s a lot more colourful, put it that way."

Designer David Meister, who has dressed the likes of Kim Kardashian and Sofia Vergara, agrees.

"If you're wearing bright colours, you'll pop more and that's important in a photograph," he said.

Other stars are more concerned with finding a gown they feel and look comfortable in.


Finding the right dress is “very important,” best actress nominee Viola Davis said recently. “I don't want to look bad."

“I want to look like I belong on the red carpet and I'm comfortable on the red carpet and that I'm stepping into the role that has come to me at this point in my life and it's reflective of me and who I am as a woman of a certain age and of colour.

“I always want it to be me at my best. Not trying to put on a mask. Just me."

Fellow nominee Rooney Mara is on the same wavelength.

"I don't think about it in terms of what people say or like or think. I try to find something that I feel comfortable in. I do like fashion, but if it's not comfortable, I won't wear it," she says.

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