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Comment 28 FEBRUARY 2012

'It's the only night he stays up late': Michael takes dad Kirk

It was his dad's one big night out of the year. Michael Douglas accompanied his 95-year-old dad Kirk to the Oscars, telling reporters: "This is the latest night my father will stay up."

The Wall Street actor added: "He's here every year… he's got dear friends here, he remembers them, they remember him.



And in a testament to Kirk's staying power, he looked bright eyed and bushy tailed as he joined his son at the Vanity Fair party. 

Michael also presented a trophy at the ceremony – handing the Best Director award to The Artist's Michel Hazanavicius.

The Hollywood stalwart's wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, was expected to join him on the red carpet, but there was no sign of the glam actress this year.

She was probably busy filming Rock of Ages – the musical, which also stars Tom Cruise, is currently wrapping up.


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