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Comment 29 FEBRUARY 2012

Local boy Jean surrounded by admirers as he touches down in France

Still on a high after his historic Oscar win – he's the first Frenchman to be named best actor – Jean Dujardin is given a hero's welcome by his fellow countrymen.

Clutching his statuette high above his head, Hollywood's newest matinee idol, made his way through at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, surrounded by a throng of fans.

The crush was so intense he needed police and minders to help him make his way out.



 It was a similar story when the 39-year-old left LA, where he tirelessly signed autographs for eager admirers.

Jean had better get used to it.

As he told French journalists shortly after accepting the trophy from Natalie Portman: "Apparently it's not a dream, he (Oscar) is here, and I feel very well, I feel very happy.

"I present him to you, he's called Oscar, he weighs two kilos.

"It's nice isn't it. He looks handsome!"

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