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Comment 24 FEBRUARY 2013

High-waisted trousers and secret stitching: The lowdown on Daniel Day-Lewis' suit

Daniel Day-Lewis looked dapper as he collected his Best Actor award, and HELLO! Online can reveal the secrets behind his custom-made suit.

A source has revealed that Daniel had his initials stitched into the suit, and that he requested high-waisted trousers, a preference of his.

His suit was made by Italian designer Domenico Vacca, who met with the actor for a fitting only four weeks ago, leaving three weeks to make the suit due to shipping time from Italy to LA.


Daniel, who has been a fan of the designer since 2002, visited him in his studio on Madison Avenue in New York City where they discussed what the actor would like to wear on the red carpet.

"I spent time talking about our sartorial, hand-made clothes," said Domenico, “fits, fabrics and an art that only few of us still pursue in cloth making. Daniel understands quality hand tailoring and fabrics in clothing and it is an honor to dress such an amazing actor for the Oscars.”

Domenico created every aspect of Daniel's outfit apart from the blue shoes, revealing that he is certain Daniel had made them himself as he took two years out some years ago to learn how to make shoes.

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