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Comment 25 FEBRUARY 2013

Oscars 2013: Behind the scenes at Hollywood's big night

A series of behind-the-scenes Twitter pictures captured the Oscar stars in their off-guard moments.

Anne Hathaway was spotted backstage watching Adele perform her Bond theme tune Skyfall — despite having just won her Best Supporting Actress Oscar, Anne wanted to watch the performance before speaking to the press. Another shot of the Les Miserables star shows her smiling to herself, gazing at the golden statue.


Images from audience members showing Jennifer Lawrence's unfortunate trip on her way to the stage.

As she went to collect her Best Actress award the 23-year-old stumbled, albeit in a fittingly graceful manner. And Jennifer had the last laugh too as two of Hollywood's leading men, Bradley Cooper and Hugh Jackman, ran to her aid, although she was assuredly began her acceptance speech before they reached the stage.


It wasn't just the A-list actors and actresses tweeting images of their night. Chef Wolfgang Puck uploaded a picture of his culinary team with the caption "The team! Last snapshot before the guests arrived, and now the kitchen is in full swing. #Oscars #GovernorsBall."


In another shot, Channing Tatum is seen pulling a face, Catherine Zeta-Jones is caught in the background of Queen Latifah's photograph, while Paul Judd and Melissa McCarthy prove to be quite the entertaining duo. Click on the photo to see all the best behind-the-scenes moments of Hollywood's most glittering night.

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