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Comment 25 FEBRUARY 2013

Get the look: Celebrity hairstylist gives us a guide behind the hairstyles of the Oscars 2013

It's renowned as one of the most glamorous events in Hollywood's calendar. And the Academy Awards of 2013 didn't dissapoint – living up to fashionable expectations on Sunday evening with an array of elegant and sophisticated hairstyles.

HELLO! Online speak to Michaeljohn senior hairstylist, Greg Mendham, for a guide on how to re-create the looks of the Oscars night at home.



Short and sharp
The crop is fast becoming one of the hottest trends of the season thanks to the gorgeous Anne Hathaway who picked up the award on Sunday night's event as Best Supporting Actress for her role in Les Miserables.

For Anne's 1920's sleek, side-swept 'do Greg advises using a pomade of wax to smooth the hair down before creating a strong parting and blow-drying around a barrel brush for added volume.

Charlize Theron went a step further with the sharp sophisticated style disclosing to the red carpet press that shaving her head was an extremely liberating experience, saying "It's the most freeing thing, I highly recommend it. I think every woman should do it".

To re-create the Promethus star's short and shaggy look, spray some setting lotion to dry clean hair to help add height. Then add some dry shampoo to matte up the hair followed by a small amount of wax and then lightly rub a dry towel over the hair.

"This look is so quick to do," Greg says, "that you'll be able to pull it off without the aid of a mirror". Simply finish off by teasing the ends of your short crop with a hairspray to fix your look for the entire day.



Classic chignons
It's the go-to hairstyle for looking effortlessly elegant on the red carpet. Definitely the perfect style to complement Jennifer Lawrence's glamorous ball gown, the young actress looked stunning throughout her award winning evening sporting the low-slung bun as she picked up an Oscar for Best Actress.

Although its swept-up style may look complicated, Michaeljohn's senior stylist assures us that the classic chignon is "basically a vertical roll that is very easy to achieve".

"Begin by pushing the hair up to the back of the head. Lean this bun towards your side of choice, then, by twisting the hair round to 180 degrees, you can pin the hair to the back of the head giving you the perfect roll! Once pinned you can then dress the knot with the excess hair such as Amy Adams' light framing wisps".

But Greg says it was Naomi Watts' modern finish that won his expert approval for the evening;

"This is a really nice hair look that is super flattering on the face. With a little bit of height in the front and finished with a slightly messy texture to give a soft and modern feel – this Acadamy Award look has got to be a favourite of mine!"



Long luscious locks
Of course, Reese Witherspoon and Catherine Zeta Jones' big bouncy blow dry was a favourite amongst many of the red carpet's stars. But for lovers of luxuriously styled long locks, Jessica Chastain certainly stole the limelight with her fiery-red curls.

Now the face of Yves Saint Laurent beauty, the Zero Dark Thirty actress teamed her vivaciously bold red lips with a volumous pin-up hairstyle.

"It's a side parting with flat roots" Greg observes, "and it's soft waves were created with a large hot curling tong. This gives it a very 1930's feel with very flat smoothed roots and waves at the end.

"Curls can then be kept in place by applying mousse when the hair is damp, and then setting with a strong hold hairspray to finish the look once complete".

To view the best hairstyles from the Oscars 2013 click here a full gallery of photos.


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