'Slumdog' crew party on from Hollywood to Bury and Mumbai


In the shacks of the deprived area of Mumbai from which two of the child actors come, each of the film's eights gongs was greeted with excited cheers and Bollywood dance routines
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Danny Boyle's twin sister Maria and his 88-year-old father Frank celebrated the director's win at St Mary's social club after staying up all night to watch the ceremony
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Ten-year-old slum resident Azharuddin (third from left), pictured celebrating with stars Dev Patel and Freida Pinto, continued the festivities by visiting Disneyland on Monday
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Slumdog Millionaire fans are still besides themselves with joy following the film's night of glory at the Oscars. In Mumbai neighbours of Rubina Ali and Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail - the young actors who temporarily swapped life in the city's poorest areas for the bright lights of LA - cheered every one of the film's eight gongs, gathered around a handful of TV sets.

"It seems like happiness is falling from the sky," said one resident, who witnessed the festivities that had everyone breaking out in Bollywood-style dance routines.

Among those watching amid the shacks was Rubina's mum, who said: "I'm so happy she won and I could see her on stage".

Her daughter, meanwhile, was enjoying a trip to Disneyland on Monday after attending the Governor's Ball and collecting autographs from the likes of Daniel Craig and Meryl Streep.

More muted but just as heartfelt were the celebrations in director Danny Boyle's Greater Manchester hometown of Bury, where his 88-year-old dad Frank watched the proceedings at a local social club.

Toasting his son with a pint of bitter Mr Boyle admitted: "I always knew Danny would be successful - but I never knew he would be the number one director in the world".


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Inside the Oscars ceremony