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86th Academy Awards March 2

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Comentar 18 FEBRUARY 2014

Bradley Cooper discusses his date dilemma for the Oscars with TV chat show host Ellen Degeneres

Bradley Cooper is yet to confirm who will be his date to the Oscars, the Hollywood star revealed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday.

When talking to the American chat show host the American Hustle actor said he is "trying to take more than one person," and explained that he wants to take both his mum and his sister.

Ellen, who will be hosting the Oscars awards ceremony for the second time on 2 March, put it to the star bluntly: "You have to choose between your mum and your sister".


And the TV icon pointed out that Bradley took his mum, Gloria Campano, to the Golden Globes in January.


The duo shared a laugh as Bradley then tried to hustle some more tickets from Ellen, who admitted to having a "certain amount" allocated to her thanks to her leading role.

Bradley, 39, has been nominated for an Academy Award for the second year running. This year he's up for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Richie DiMaso in David O. Russell’s American Hustle.

It looks like Bradley’s girlfriend Suki Waterhouse might not make it to the Oscars this year – perhaps because the 22-year-old British model was his date to the BAFTAs on Sunday evening.

Though the couple were rarely pictured together at the start of their relationship, Suki has been accompanying Bradley to a number of high-profile events as he promotes his latest film.

She joined him at a White House state dinner on 11 February, where they dined alongside President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama and 300 other guests.

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