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Oscars after-party menu revealed

Leonardo DiCaprio, Bradley Cooper, Cate Blanchett and great Brits such as Chiwetel Ejiofor and Dame Judi Dench are just a handful of the stars who will sit down to dine at this year's Oscars after-party, which follows the 86th Academy Awards' ceremony.

And film fans have been given a preview of the sumptuous treats to be served to the bright stars of the big screen by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, who himself is celebrating his 20th year in a row catering for the star-studded crowd at the exclusive Governor's Ball.



On-trend, healthy delights such as spicy tuna tartare, smoked salmon Oscars and white bean quinoa cakes will be created by the Austrian-American chef for the special evening on 2 March.

To mark the chef’s anniversary as the man behind the menu – which reflects "the best of Wolfgang" – old favourites of the stars will also make a comeback for the 1,500 guests.


Some 1,300 farmed oysters, five kilos of American farm-raised caviar and 1,250 stone crab claws are to be served at the ball, which will have a nature theme and take place under a night sky canopy.


Cocktails created especially for the Oscars include the Blood and Sand, the Coco Light martini and the Baileys Glamour Shot.

"This year we are going to do some of the dishes which have been favourites of the movie stars over the last 20 years," said the super chef, who is a dab hand at designing mouth-watering delicacies fit for the stars.


"It will be like the best of Wolfgang. We are doing the dishes from the chicken pot pie and potatoes with caviar and macaroni and cheese, which are real comfort foods, to the sushi and yellowtail sashimi, king crabs and lobster.

"There will be something for everybody."

One of the many masterpieces of the evening includes a six-tiered chocolate cake featuring mini golden chocolate Oscars, a red carpet and a clapper board.

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