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86th Academy Awards March 2

Oscars 2014: Get the latest news about the great night of the cinema in Hollywood: the winners, nominations, red carpet, fashion and best photos at 86th Academy Awards.

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Top 10 facts you may not have known about the Oscars

Ahead of the upcoming Oscars ceremony this Sunday 2 March, HELLO! Online has unearthed ten facts you may not have known about the star-studded affair.

Animator and producer Walt Disney has scooped the most Oscars in the 86-year-long history, winning 26 gongs and being nominated for an impressive 59 awards.


This year's Frozen – released by Walt Disney Pictures and in the running for best Animated Feature Film and best Original Song for Let It Go – could see the movie mogul's legacy once again cemented.

Idina Menzel will also pay tribute to the twice-nominated children's film, with her performance of Let It Go scheduled to take place on the night.

Scroll down for ten more interesting facts about the Oscars...


1) The name Oscar allegedly comes from a remark by Academy secretary Margaret Herrick, who said the statue looked like her uncle Oscar.

2) Oscar winners don't really own their statues. Winners must sign an agreement stating that should they wish to sell their statuettes, they must first offer them to the Academy for $1.

3) The Academy has enacted the 45-second rule, where speeches longer than 45 seconds will be cut off by the orchestra after it lasted for over four hours in 2002.

4) During World War II, the winners were given Oscar statues made of plaster instead of the usual golden ones, to mark the war effort.

5) The red carpet used at the Oscars is a whopping 500 feet long.

6) The gold-plated statuette is 34cm tall and weighs nearly 4 kg.

7) Tatum O'Neal was the youngest person to win an acting award, at age ten for Paper Moon.

8) Lord Of The Rings The Return Of The King won all 11 awards for which it was nominated in 2003.

9) The first Academy Awards ceremony was held on May 16, 1929, in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and lasted only 15 minutes.

10) Since then, 2,701 statuettes have been presented.


Check out the Frozen trailer below:


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