The Oscars 2014

86th Academy Awards March 2

Oscars 2014: Get the latest news about the great night of the cinema in Hollywood: the winners, nominations, red carpet, fashion and best photos at 86th Academy Awards.

The Oscars 2014: LIVE BLOG

  • 04:05 Ellen's selfie has made history after causing Twitter to crash, with the tweet becoming the most retweeted tweet of all time!
  • 04:07 Lupita Nyong'o just picked up the award for best actress in a supporting role, but how well do you know the actress who is taking Hollywood by storm?

  • 04:12 Idina Menzel performs Frozen's 'Let It Go'. While she performed in a pale pink gown, the Broadway star had previously worn a dark green strapless gown by Vera Wang for the red carpet. 

  • 04:15 Jamie Foxx and Jessica Biel present the Oscar for best original score... 
  • 04:15 The winner is... Gravity, picking up its fifth Oscar of the evening. 
  • 04:18 Frozen's Let It Go wins the Oscar for best original song. 

  • 04:25 Robert De Niro and Penelope Cruz present the award for best adapted screenplay, as Robert jokes about what it takes to be a writer.
  • 04:26 The Oscar goes to 12 Years A Slave, adapted by John Ridley from Solomon Northup's original story. 

  • 04:34 Angelina Jolie presents the award for best director and is joined by Sidney Poitier, the first black person to win an Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in Lilies of the Field.

  • 04:35 The Oscar goes to Alfonso Cuaron for Gravity! "It wasn't a waste of time," he jokes about the time it took to make the film, and dedicates the award to his mother. 

  • 04:43 It's time to find out who will win best actress in a leading role...
  • 04:44 Nominee Judi Dench isn't attending the ceremony as she is currently in India. 
  • 04:45 And the Oscar goes to Cate Blanchett!
  • 04:48 "Sit down, you're too old to be standing!" Cate Blanchett quips in her acceptance speech. 

    Describing her co-star Sally Hawkins, who lost out for best actress in a supporting role, as 'sublime', she went on to thank her family and friends before holding back tears at the end of her speech.

  • 04:49 Jennifer Lawrence presents the winner of the Best actor in a leading role.
  • 04:52 And the Oscar goes to... Matthew McConaughey who hugs fellow nominee Leonardo DiCaprio before going up to collect his award.
  • 04:56 Matthew thanks his father who "taught me to be a man", and his mother who demanded that he and his siblings "respect ourselves". Thanking his family, his voice emotionally cracks, but he manages to finish his speech!
  • 04:56 Will Smith presents the Oscar for best picture.... 
  • 04:57 The Oscar goes to 12 Years A Slave!

  • 05:02 Steve McQueen dedicates the award to everybody who has endured slavery.